Accelerate Collaboration

Harness your team's collective energy into a single space to ignite ideas. Made's dynamic workspaces merge messaging, video conferencing and file sharing to keep teams in sync and ideas flowing. 


Conversations in Made are designed around rapid, topic-based messaging across devices, making collaboration from anywhere in the world faster and more productive.

Video Conferencing

No more pin codes or downloads. Every workspace in Made has one touch video meeting rooms allowing any team member to switch from messaging to video in an instant.

Sometimes the most powerful tool is the simplest.

Manage Information Smarter

Drag and drop file sharing that gives you a faster, more intelligent way of viewing documents that doesn't disrupt your workflow.

Customizable Workspaces

Whether you're leading a small startup or managing several geographically dispersed teams, Made's versatile workspaces allow you to easily keep all your conversations, files and teams organized.

Drag and Drop

No more scrolling through endless email threads to hunt down that elusive attachment. Simply drop files directly into the conversation. Everything is captured and searchable.

Everyone has their go-to apps that they use on projects, and that can get complicated.  I feel like I need a productivity app to manage all my productivity apps.

Intelligent Integrations

Collaborating across different apps can be unnecessarily complex. Made acts as an intermediary by surfacing third party API functionality directly in our UI, so you can easily share ideas and assets without disrupting the way you work.

Growing Library

One-click integration to the most popular apps. Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive are just the beginning. We're hard at work to add more every month.


Keep on top of news and trends by linking your favorite content feeds and sharing posts directly to a workspace.

I get my best ideas at the most random times and I want to share them with my team right away. It's about being ready when creativity strikes.

Experience A New Way To Collaborate

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